I have worked closely with Human Capital Engine Group partner of PCG Business Center for several years now. I was lucky to find Ms Joice Solano that assisted me. Not only has HCEG provided me with the very much needed assistance in a broad realm of business issues, but she has also become a long time friend. They provide services well beyond their scope of functions in a responsible and timely manner, providing confidence and trust..which is scarce in the business world. I can safely and highly recommend Ms Solano and the HCEG and PCG Business Center for your business needs in Costa Rica”.

– Cape Coral, Florida, USA

– Sarah Perets


When we established our business in Costa Rica in 2008. I relied on the professionals at PCG to advise me on all the legal, tax and administrative matters related to our various companies. In each area I found the assistance helpful and the people very knowledgeable. The professionals at PCG saved me and our business a great deal of time and money. PCG continues to represent us in all our dealings today”.

– Hazelton Investments, Vero Beach, Florida, USA

– Daniel Hazelton